Long House – Sydney

The Long House was designed for a builder and his family in the southern suburbs of Sydney. The brief was for a second storey addition to an existing 1950 fibro home. The site was steep and the access road and garage were high above the existing house, meaning that an addition over the existing footprint would be disconnected from the street and the garden. There was no sleepless nights over this design as the concept was arrived at almost immediately after arriving at the first site visit.

The drivers were that the garage and street entry needed to provide a strong but easy connection to the existing house, the building needed to sit to the west of the site to open up the garden and the level changes needed to be absorbed into the built structure as much as possible. “The Worm”, as it was quickly nicknamed, provided an elegant solution to these issues and still respected the character and form of the existing cottage.

The clients embraced the idea and with minimal documentation they have built a great house.

All photographs by Trent Blackman (AR2.net.au)

Long House Sydney Rudolfsson Alliker Architects Sutherland

The long plan connect connects the street access to the old house using the garage, an covered walkway, a covered deck and the new living spaces all inside one envelope.

Long House Sutherland Sydney Architects

The section shows the ‘worm’ connecting the site levels but still respecting the form of the original house.

Long House Outside Jennali Sutherland Architect

The new addition opening up to connect to the main garden area.

Long House Kitchen living area

A simple kitchen living space with a north facing window looking into the tree canopy at the end.

Long House from garden Sutherland Architect

The deck connects the upper level garage to the living areas.

Long House deck and garden. Sydney architect

The addition resting on top of the old house.

Cement sheets on Long House Sutherland

The end of the living space just cantilevers over the edge of the original house.

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