Surry Hills Boarding House – Under Construction

The 33 room boarding house in Surry Hills is up to level 4. The tiny, 277sqm, site is on a busy intersection making it a challenge for the builders, Belvedere Projects.

The building has an open breezeway corridor through the centre of the building with seven self-contained rooms on each level, two to the north and five to the south of the breezeway. The design constraints such as the unusual shaped site, traffic noise from Cleveland Street, high ratio of  NLA (lettable space) to GFA (gross floor space), tiny servicing and access areas have lead to a compact but highly efficient floor plate.

The structure is Ritek panels (cement sheet clad wall panels that are cut to size off site, positioned on site and then filled with concrete) and reinforced concrete floor slabs. The cladding is coloured face brick walls which will define the outside and inside of the building with the bricks running through the breezeways internally and each floor having a signature brick colour.

We are looking forward to seeing the finished product.


Plan Surry Hills Boarding house by RAAarchitects

Ground Floor Plan of the Surry Hills Boarding House (This plan is simple compared to the upper levels!)

Boarding House Sydney Architect

Boarding House under construction at the corner of Cleveland Street and Charmers Street


Boarding House Sydney by RAAarchitects

Belvedere Projects doing an amazing job on a tough site

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