Rosebery Apartments

The design for this building comes as a result of to simple priorities , our decision to make every apartment face north and council’s requirement for a ‘through-site-link’ which provides pedestrian access through the site from street to street.

It is a sensible concept from council to allow for increased foot traffic in the area once development is denser but it poses problems in the short term to have a public space that is a dead end until the neighbouring site is developed and completes the connection.

The building is perpendicular to the street frontage to allow the ‘through site link in the southern side of the site. The initial design was to raise the main bulk of the building so as to allow the through-site-link to have light and a sense of connection to the private podium garden with a rolling landscaped ‘çarpet’ connecting the two. We were aiming for a 100% green plot ratio – good for Sydney but very poor compared to WOHA’s ( amazing ratios in Singapore. Unfortunately this option was rejected by council as it would be over council’s height trigger of 25m for a design competition which was not a viable option for the developer.


Rosebery apartments designed by Rudolfsson Alliker Associates Architects

Green ‘carpet’ laid across the T-S-L and up over the podium to connect public and private spaces

Rosebery apartments designed by Rudolfsson Alliker Associates Architects


So the open podium was removed and the height kept below 25m. This makes the through-site-link a less attractive space to be in but increases the future level of interaction for pedestrians as there will be two retail spaces fronting the link. Below is the revised scheme as approved by council.




The planning includes external walkways, weather protected with large timber and glass louvres.

Below are some of the details:

1600 sqm site area

35 apartments and 3 commercial spaces

All apartments north facing with balconies and cross ventilation

FSR of 2.12:1 excluding the external walkways used to access each apartment (allowable 2:1)


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