Roxy structure diagram

Schematics for Roxy

The following diagrams provide a simple explanation of the recently submitted concept design for the Roxy Theatre, Parramatta. This initial stage is a 'proof of concept' proposal that show a design can work on what is a very tricky ...

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Bundeena House 2 perched on the rock outcrop.

Bundeena House 3 – Under construction

Bundeena is a beachside village 25km south of Sydney in the heart of the Royal National Park. Because of the journey through the bush the village feels beautifully remote - just one road in and out. There are 2000 residents in the close-knit ...

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Roxy for the slider

Roxy Theatre Parramatta

With its almost 90 year history as a Parramatta icon, The Roxy Theatre will become the centrepiece of the Civic Link, Council’s proposed connection between the Parramatta Square Civic Centre and the River Precinct. The Roxy has had many lives, ...

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Aged Care Architects

Rural Aged Care

The rural NSW aged care centre is taking shape with a concerted effort to connect the property to the town. There are retail shops, cafes, a childcare centre and a large public square to encourage interaction between the residents and the ...

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