Lakefront mixed use proposal

We have just completed the concept design work to accompany a planning proposal for a mixed use building in the Central Coast. The site is a key site in the area and it’s current use is no longer viable. The proposal is to build a mixed use building containing retail, restaurant, apartments and self care apartments (independent aged care).

The site is perfectly located on the lakefront facing north and is currently a motel and entertainment venue. The redevelopment will open up additional opportunities for the community to get views and access to the waterfront that are not currently available.

A planning proposal is a slow process that will hopefully amend the LEP once completed. A concept plan and schematic images are submitted buy xanax online doctor prescription to council and the council, state government and the local residents provide feedback before a decision is made it the changes to the LEP are permitted. If the LEP is amended then the actual design of the development can start based on the revised height limits and FSR. The estimate is about a year to complete the PP process.


Site plan

Site plans showing perpendicular buildings to open up views of the water through the site

RAAA apartments central coast

View from the water showing two storey landscaped podium with the two apartment buildings separated to reduce the scale

artist impressions_Page_2

Buildings located to allow views from the street to the water that are currently blocked







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