Aged Care Village Sydney

Proposed alterations and additions to a Sydney Aged Care Village

We have recently started working on the redesign of a large aged care village in Sydney’s western suburbs. It is always good to get to explore a new building typology and aged care is a particularly interesting one to think about. The very old seem to be a hidden part of society in Australia, almost stored away so that the rest of society doesn’t need to witness the final stages of life. It is certainly easier to avoid this difficult stage than have to live with it surrounding you but is it the right approach?

We have been looking at current centres in Australia and overseas and talking to as many people involved in the industry to try to establish what the best practice is and what the aims should be. We are currently working on the ‘Cluster Model’ concept for the initial stages of the design as it appears to be the best theoretical model. It combines small collections of room clusters (10-16 rooms) with their own common facilities so that the scale of the spaces are more domestic than institutional. Unfortunately there are very few large centres in Australia that use the model so it is difficult to get local information.

We will provide follow up posts as we gather more information.

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